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French Vocabulary Related to Soccer and the World Cup

French Vocabulary Related to Soccer and the World Cup French Soccer Vocabulary. In French, le football means soccer in English, and le foot translates as football. These and... People and Players. When talking about football in French, it's important to learn the French terms related to the game... ...

The Ultimate French Vocabulary Guide For Football / Soccer ...

Après un match nul sans but face à la Grèce, la France a gagné son match hier soir (2-0) face à l’Italie. (After a goalless draw against Greece, France won its game yesterday (2-0) against Italy.) Mi-temps: (Noun, mas.) Half-time. Les deux équipes se sont dirigées vers les vestiaires à la mi-temps.

French Football Vocabulary: 200 Words Every Fan Should Know

Looking for French football vocabulary? It's all here! From general terms to expressions, chants, ...

French Soccer Vocabulary (List of European Football Terms)

Soccer fan le fan de foot. Soccer coach l’entraîneur de football. Soccer player le footballeur, le joueur de football. Soccer player (slang) le footeux. Soccer team l’équipe de foot (f)

300 French Sports Words ⚽️

Just for fun, here are some French soccer phrases: L’équipe des Bleus a gagné 3 à 1 contre l’équipe des Rouges. The Blue team won 3 to 1 against the Red team.

Everything about French Soccer / Football - FrenchCrazy

Everything about French Soccer / Football. Football (soccer) is an ultra popular sport in France. If you ever step foot into a French bar or pub, oftentimes a match is being aired, especially during the World Cup! It’s important to know some useful vocabulary, so I compiled a list of words used when talking about French football (soccer).

101 French SLANG Words and Phrases | Speak like a Boss

frangin - brother. Sophie a deux ans de moins que son frangin. Sophie is two years younger than her brother. bagnole, caisse, gamos, tire - car. Tu dois amener ta bagnole chez le mécanicien. You have to take your car to the mechanic. gamin (e), gosse, marmot, mioche, môme, moutard - child.

French Slang - Learn a Language

French: Yeah >Ouais Sweet: C'est chouette: Awesome: La classe: What is new? Quoi de neuf? Wow: Waouh : Fun: Génial: Ooh-la-la: Houlala: Cell phone: Un portable: Mcdonald's: Mcdo: Soccer: Foot: Scooter: Scoot: Alright? Ca va? Hey guys: Hé les gas: Hi: Salut: Coke: Coca: Cool: Cool: Darn: Zut: Oh my gosh: Oh Mince: Good afternoon: Bon aprem: Whatever: Bof