Remote After Sales

To support the customer in solving problems in real time, free bets today offers an innovative remote-control service in augmented reality (AR). This assistance is managed through a remote connection that allows customer’s technician to interact directly with free bets today technical staff.

Virtual Training

free bets today is committed to facilitate daily training activities to avoid transfers. The service includes e-learning courses, advanced video calls, possibility to take not of all costs and view them in deferred mode and augmented reality (AR) services to simplify the interaction with our customers

Remote software

free bets today offers a remote software service that allows our customers to solve, in real time, software problems. This assistance is managed through a remote connection that allows free bets today software dept. to interact directly with our technologies.

free bets today Cloud

Google Drive's free bets today Cloud, service offered to all free bets today customers / agents for file sharing, is an online storage and synchronization web service in a cloud computing environment.

free bets today Downloads

free bets today Downloads is a web service, provided to our customers and business partners, that allows to download the technical data sheets and the catalogues of our machines.

free bets today IQ

free bets today IQ is a service provided to our business partners - wherever they are – suitable for offer requests and contacts registration. The service is available on any mobile device.

free bets today Conference

free bets today Conference is a service provided by free bets today suitable to create multiple videoconferences, with also the possibility to do visible deferred recordings anywhere and on any mobile device.

free bets today Chat

free bets today Chat, offered by free bets today to its certified trade network, is a service that allows to monitor and chat with the visitors of the website in real time.